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Sex Symbols on Parade

Boys unbuckle your...

22 January 1982
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The girl
*I enjoy beating up kittens and being [pretending to be] tough in general. I enhance this toughness by wearing a pale pink bracelet on my right wrist.
*I also enjoy being a harlot, planning band formations, pretending to double as a bass and a guitar player, and furry bunnies.
*I like music... a lot.
*Some very beautiful boys listen to some very tough music. That's hot.
*Square dancing, needlepoint, and bingo, are the social events that I live for.
*I haven't eaten meat since I was 12; from 20-22 I didn't partake in dairy, but then early in the third year of my veganism stint, I simply decided that I couldn't live without milk.
*If you give me a puppy, I will love you forever.

The Story
I was brought into this world January 22, 1982 during what was perhaps one of the worst snow storms to ever hold Indiana County in its icy grasp, the only daughter of two average parents. After coming out relatively unscathed, I endured a turbid childhood where the highlights of my days were running shoeless through cornfields, wading knee-deep in creeks to catch water-dwelling creatures, tumbling head first down hills, and forming alliances with members of the male species, enjoying the perks when said boys were optically pleasing. It was early in my life that I came to the conclusion that I must have been dropped on my head several times as a child and this, in turn, filled my head with strange and unusual ideas which I live out in my every day life. I often find myself contemplating, with every fiber of my being, the many advantageous benefits of my insanity and manipulative brilliance. As soon as I was able, I escaped the depths of Indiana, Pennsylvania, the city that yearned so badly to be a state and held the FFA in very high regard, and transplanted myself in a much cleaner environment: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There I prepared to take Gettysburg College by storm. Though, as it turns out (which is not usual with my tendency to fail at planning my life), I merely found myself in a place that harbored, rather than the FFA, the FAPA, Future Apple Pickers of America, which was in all aspects foreign and ultimately synonymous with the Mexican mafia. So then for 4 years, I pretended to be smart and studied a wide range of biological science and organic chemistry by day and enjoyed semi-erotic dreams of beautiful 18-year-olds, swash-buckling pirates, and Bruce Campbell (aka Brisco County Jr) by night. For fun, it was not unusual to find me tramping around acres of historic farmland-turned-battlefield sucking up American history and supernatural phenomenon like it was my job. As these four years drew to a close, I managed to convince the powers that be at Gettysburg College that I was, in fact, smart and worthy of this prestigious liberal arts degree for which I had to mortgage my first four unborn children to obtain. That's right. Four, at least. After said documentation was signed, I was allowed to graduate. However, again as my luck would have it, I cannot seem to find gainful employment. So now until I can find a job playing with dangerous, toxic, and carcinogenic chemicals, injecting intricate serums into unsuspecting laboratory mice, or developing the cure for general lack of personality, I shall spend my days casting cutting remarks at the unsuspecting population of whatever city I chose to inhabit and selling my body on street corners to support my expensive coke habit. After almost a year of turning tricks and selling handmade keychains to support my substance abuse problem, I managed to find employment in the corporate world. I am now a young business woman. I spend my days partaking in activities that have absolutely nothing to do with my major, but do include playing with very large numbers, spending hours on the phone with people I work with, but will probably never meet, and uh... living in New Jersey (DON'T JUDGE ME!). Oh, and I have a major crush on my boss.

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 521696
Date Created:2002-04-08
Number of Posts: 298

Katie, the sweet, bubbly girl-next-door, appears to be the epitome of innocence with her wide blue eyes and shy smile. Underneath this gentle, softhearted outer shell comes a fiery individual, real harbinger of ultimate destruction, who has the uncanny ability to splinter any unsuspecting victim's heart and sanity and is willing and able to leave a trail massive carnage in her wake. A playful, flirty persona and ever-ready tears are her most powerful weapons. One word of advice - don't piss her off; she has a very sharp tongue and loves to bite back.
Strengths: Ruthless sarcasm, extreme wit, manipulative brilliance, and mad bio and chemical knowledge
Weaknesses: Cynical, jaded, general nefariousness, a severely fractured mind, and an unbridled pretentious nature
Special Skills: Voice-activated tongue lashings, guaranteed victory in any verbal or physical assault, real kung-fu action! No batteries required!
Weapons: Rusty scapels, rugby cleats, plastic pirate swords, and skin-slicing sheets of paper
Allies: The pirates of Johns Hopkins University, Sean LaPaglia, Vince Fairbanks, Indiana County's Amish Clan, Sect 8-I471B

$1400 mattresses, $texas, acceptance, after school knife fight, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, anatomy of a ghost, appleseed cast, arrr i'm a pirate, baby carrots, bar fights, being grammatically correct, being tough, beloved, black and white pictures, blankets, boys go to war, boys night out, boys' hands, chad, chad's protein, chapstick, cherry flavored popsicles, clarity process, combining three and five, compulsively lying to strangers, curly haired ringlets, dark alleys, death cab for cutie, developing speech impediments, dieradiodie, driving, duct tape, elliott smith, empire records, engine down, enhancing my manipulative brilliance, failure, fear before, flip flops, football!, futons, get fuzzy, girlband, goodwill industries, hellogoodbye, hiking, hopesfall, horse the band, hot hot heat, hula hoops, hum, inflatable pool floaties, intentional misspellings, jack's broken heart, joshua fit for battle, jungle gyms, juno, kissing tigers, kite flying society, knife fights, las líneas de cocaína, last days of april, laughing in the dark, leel guys, live, long sleeved t-shirts, mid-summer patterson field parties, midgets, midtown, mock orange, modest mouse, morphing is cool!, music, my hotel year, my plastic sword, naps with my cellphone, neutral milk hotel, new end original, ninjas, noise ratchet, not wearing pants, orange juice, organic chemistry, p.c.e., pedro, photography, pickles, pictures of lawn furniture, pirates, planes mistaken for stars, plastic swords, poison the well, pop unknown, predigested protein chad, preferred 53, puppies, rad movies, rain, road trips, screamo, sean lapaglia, sharp things, she notes the chariots, shiny things, sleeping, sluts, small brown bike, smashing pumpkins, socks, stabbing westward, stale bread crusts, stars, sunny day real estate, super hot accents, swords, sxe, tanoma creek bridge, that dog, the anniversary, the beautiful mistake, the buddy system, the chiodos bros, the dandy warhols, the dark, the december drive, the dismemberment plan, the f8 key, the harlot house, the hint, the pettit project, the postal service, the weakerthans, this beautiful mess, this day forward, thursday, underoath, vast, vegan cheese, veganism, velcro, verbification, visceral organ pain, welcome home travis, xpplnx, you wanna drive?, your day strong, your mom, zolof, zox